Why did I choose to host on Jump?

Why did I choose to host on Jump?

Two years ago I chose Jump to host my sites. Now I want to tell you why I did it.


Why Jump?

So, why did I choose to host on Jump? When I decided for myself four years ago, that I wanted to have websites, I wasn’t too worried about choosing hosting. And it’s not surprising – back then, practically hosting, domain and website for me meant the same thing. My friends had websites, mostly hosted on the famous name Superhosting and logically my first hosting was there. Moreover, it is one of the oldest Bulgarian hosting providers, which, in my understanding at the time, by itself guaranteed reliability and quality of service. If I knew how wrong I was?!?! Why I chose Jump Hosting I chose the wrong hosting! The constant problems with this “over praised” hosting started. I don’t even want to recall this nightmare. With the slightest increase in traffic, the letters about overages, threats of shutting down the site, the constant inoperability of sites. The question of what happened and how, the response of the maintenance looked like outright blackmail – they answered that I had to go to the more expensive tariff. I don’t want to be reminded of the other ridiculous advice, such as buying a certificate, because the free one would get me demoted on Google. It was all aimed at giving me more and more money. At some point I got tired of dealing with this host and looked for an alternative to move to all of my existing websites. Here the question came to me – “Which hosting should I choose?”

“Why did I choose Jump hosting?” Chapter 2

Which hosting to choose?

Learning from the bitter experience, I spent at least a week searching for all sorts of hostings and reviews for hosting in Facebook groups. Despite the many paid clackers on Superhosting that are apparently on salary with them, here and there I heard other recommendations, mostly for Jump.bg. I decided to give them a try. The Jump support team made me happy on the first day. They offered me a free move, and after then they solved a problem I had been struggling with for a long time at Superhosting without getting to any solution. One of the plugins that was important to me, I was never able to get it to work at CX, and Jump’s support on some miraculous way made it work since the move. To my surprise, the Jump support within half an hour not only got it working, but also gave me a comprehensive answer as to what the problem was that we had been unable to resolve with others for years. Since then, I love these guys and know they will always lend a hand!

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Really unlimited plans: Some hosting providers advertise free space, storage or bandwidth, but still limit it to a certain level. You should read their terms carefully and find out if the unlimited plans they offer are truly unlimited.
  2. Expert support staff: Once you host your website, you may face some technical issues. Your hosting provider should provide you with excellent support in this regard. Their experts should be able to quickly troubleshoot any hosting issues you may have.
  3. High Quality Training: Your hosting provider should offer high-quality resources for you to learn how to manage your hosted site. This is important because you shouldn’t rely on their support staff for all your problems.
  4. Additional Services: Does your hosting provider offer to regularly back up your data, correct your errors, and update your server-side software? Be sure they do, because you’ll save a lot of website maintenance time.
  5. Reliability: Your web hosting provider needs to make sure your website is live on the internet at all times. It shouldn’t crash or go down. Your web hosting provider should also take security measures against hackers and keep your website safe on their servers. More importantly, they should help you with any problems you have by providing excellent customer support.
“Why did I choose Jump hosting?” Chapter 3

What are the prices?

I also liked Jump’s prices. They are literally unbeatable on the Bulgarian market and are several times lower than for similar services on my old hosting. Jump price table As we can see from the table above, this is hosting that can scale with us over the course of time. If our site grows we can always upgrade to a plan with more resources without having to move to different hosting every time the site hits the limits.

What else?

The wide selection of ready-to-install CMS is another of Jump’s positive features. And what is very important, especially for beginners, is the automatic installation and updating to the latest versions. Jump offers a completely free transfer of sites from another hosting – you won’t find such a service, in my opinion, with the others. Even a beginner who has never encountered websites before can handle setting up a blog or website here. I currently have six sites with Jump and in two years none of them have had a single crash! Here, in a nutshell, are all the reasons I chose to host with Jump.

This site is NOT part of the “Why did I choose hosting at Jump?”

Thanks to Jump for hosting the contest and to everyone at participants who hopefully made it fun and enjoyable.

George G

George is tech geek that is interested in servers, web design and development, big data and SEO. He has also built some of the tools here on HostingChecker.

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