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For the most part, an extra 15ms or so is inconsequential.

It would only be a consequence if playing an online game where reflexes are vital – and only then at a professional level to servers located close to you.

It could be discernable but not annoying for browsing/applications/VOIP/webmail/remote server admin.

It would have no real impact on video/audio watching or text chatting.

A few things to bear in mind – Many locations you interact with will not be in your state. 15ms represents – very roughly – 2000 miles distance. Sites halfway around the world will have pings over 300ms, so 15ms is not important. It is not unreasonable, although wifi need not add more the 5ms in typical networks.

What might be more relevant is throughput, packet loss and jitter (ie the difference between fast and slow pings). If you have close to no packet loss, and low jitter, a slightly higher latency is probably preferable to a lower latency, lower throughput connection – especially as latency will increase more when a slower connection is in use.

You an sometimes compensate for response time with throughput – For example – with VOIP applications you can do tighter compression and reduce the packet size to somewhat compensate. A higher MOS can also help. In a pure VOIP connection, VOIP works fine with < 30ms latency, and in reality, it works acceptably with > 200ms latency [ see Cellphones, long distance calls ].

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